The Cavalier - Men

$55.00 USD

The perfect white T-Shirt is a closet essential. It's versatile, it's cool, and it's a piece that's able to be worn any day of the year, in any season. 

We love white T-shirts, but they are virtually impossible to keep clean. A single drop of coffee or wine could ruin your T-Shirt.

So we created a premium 100% cotton T-Shirt crafted with a patented hydrophobic nanotechnology application that repels water and dirt.

We're really proud of this T-Shirt and think you'll love it too!

Our T-Shirts come in a slim fit so we recommend you going a size up if you prefer a standard fit.

We are currently sold out of Men's White XS, S, M and Men's Black XL and XXL. We expect these to be restocked in May 2015.  

"Aussie startup Threadsmiths have changed the garment world."
-Popular Science-
"Threadsmiths has found the solution."
"It kind of needs to be seen to be believed."
-High Snobiety-
"It's the Melbourne invention that could change the world forever."
-The Herald Sun-

"At first it seems like magic - but it's very real. And really quite awesome, as well,"
-Slash Gear-

"Threadsmiths' has created a revolutionary T-shirt that remains waterproof no matter how hard to try 
-The Daily Mail-

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