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"Why you'll love it: If you hate doing laundry and you spill beverages on the reg, you'll appreciate the stain-resisting qualities."
The best men's T-shirts you can buy
Business Insider
"So, how would it fare? The answer is pretty damn good."
Discoveries Of The Week: Stain-Proof Shirts
Ask Men
"Aussie start-up Threadsmiths have changed the garment world."
Threadsmiths Hydrophobic T-Shirt Put To The Test
Popular Science
"No, really. It actually works."
This Self-Cleaning Shirt Is the Only White Tee You'll Ever Need
"Upstart Australian brand Threadsmiths has developed a solution to the stained-tee woes of neat freaks everywhere."
Threadsmiths Introduce 100% Stainproof T-Shirt
High Snobiety
"I was impressed with the quality of the shirt"
Do Threadsmiths cotton shirts really have the ability to repel stains?
"Sure, they repel water. But how effective are they against fire, paintball guns, and ketchup boobs?"
We Put Hydrophobic T-Shirts to the Test . . . with Fire Extinguishers
Mens Health
"IT’S the Melbourne invention that could change the clothing world forever, and not just by putting an end to wet T-shirt competitions for good"
Melbourne company makes T-shirt that can never get wet — and it’s incredible
Herald Sun
"The days of the red wine stain could be over with the arrival of a new shirt that can repel spills and dirt. "
The £70 shirt for clumsy people: Inventors create a 'hydrophobic' self-cleaning top that repels spills and dirt
Daily Mail
"We decided to put them to the test in the most epic way we knew how: a food fight"
Stain-proof shirts get put to the test
NY Post
"Seriously, stains are no match for this innovative article of clothing."
Finally! Some Genius Invented A 100 Percent Stain-Proof White T-Shirt
Elite Daily
"Find something else to do on laundry day"
This Self-Cleaning T-Shirt Won’t Get Dirty No Matter What You Spill On It
Fast Company
"...watching liquids just pool up and bead off of the shirt still gets me all giddy with excitement."
I Wore A Liquid-Proof T-Shirt For A Week And This Is What Happened
"Nonetheless, both of the shirts do what the company promises: they repel water-based liquids."
We poured Sriracha and juice on these stain-repellent shirts, and the results blew us away
Business Insider
"Fortunately, Threadsmiths has found the solution - a white cotton t-shirt that repels water, dirt, Sriracha, sandwich-bite off-spray and more. Using hydrophobic nanotechnology"
The Stain Proof White T-Shirt Is Now a Reality
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