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Why we started Threadsmiths

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We are not just building clothing label, but creating a platform that no one’s ever seen before. We are incredibly excited about pioneering a new generation in nanotechnology applications to clothing apparel. This is the beginning of a series of advanced technological fabrics that we believe can change the world.

It is the platform for a new era, where less time will be spent cleaning and washing clothes and life becomes simpler and easier. Our aesthetic is made up of core essentials designed completely from the ground up. You’ll find us in the more enterprising stores as well as tier one boutique stores globally.

We’re very particular about the finer details of our design and the application of advanced fabric technology. We are focusing on only the essentials and creating a line of apparel that is unparalled in terms of quality, functionality and style. We are creating our first product by leveraging the absolutely best materials and technologies available.