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Ascender - Wiregate Carabiner

$4.95 USD

Ascender - Wiregate Carabiner is one of the most reliable travel companions you’ll ever have. Use it to ’biner’ your travel mug, clip all your grocery bags or haul your shoes/hat/helmet. Combine your keys and remotes together to have one less thing to remember.

With updated geometry and a cold-forged construction, The Ascender - Wiregate Carabiner features a nose shroud that prevents the wire gate from opening.

It’s versatile size and and large rope-bearing surface make it ideal for everything from climbing up mountains to tying down on hammocks to lay on.

With a massive strength rating of 12 kilonewtons (kN of force) it can carry up to 1,223kg (2797lbs) while weighing a tiny 0.02kg/pc (0.03lbs).

Possibly the most useful $4.95 tool you’ll buy today.