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PO BOx 5111 Garden city, victoria australia


Content Creator
We are looking for serious content creators to join the team. The ideal candidate must have a passion for photography and videography and telling stories. This person will be essential in creating digital content for us to communicate our story. Must have a portfolio of previous work. 

We are looking for a serious garment production person to join the team. The ideal candidate must love being in factories, have a strong understanding of how production processes impact garment development, and a commitment to building long term working relationships. Perfectionism and a deep ingrained commitment to quality over quantity are essential. Must be willing to travel and work with all scale factories from tiny garment district closets to the world's most advanced and organized operations. 

Tech Design
We are looking for a technical designer that works with development, production teams and factories in communicating and managing all technical details of construction, fabric, trims and overall quality of finished garments. This person is the critical link between design and production where they are readying the garment to be taken to a production level. 

A deep understanding of garment construction, pattern knowledge, grading and production capabilities is needed to excel at this role. The job involves figuring out all the details of a garment from working with factories to solve new methods of construction to figuring out points of measure, washing instructions, label placements and packing instructions. This job helps facilitate the garment development process by scheduling and coordinating fittings, sampling with sample rooms and factories and managing pattern handovers and BOM deadlines. The end result is concise documentation, technical detailing and a sew by made to the highest quality standards that will all be used as a guide for production. 

We are looking for a passionate and hyper-organized fabric person to join our team. The ideal candidate must have a deep love of premium functional textiles. The job involves hunting for materials across the world and working extensively with mills to refine and develop the next generation. Must deeply understand both the fabric level and the underlying fiber and chemical layers. Also involves being extremely detail oriented and happy to deal with the day to day nuts and bolts of fabric testing, planning, and ordering. 

Please email with your resume and details of your qualifications if you are interested. Applicants for design positions must submit digital portfolios as well. Some of these roles can be either in person at our office in Melbourne Australia or online.